Photograph of Harry Jeremias

The Jeremias Family has been in the real estate business for over 60 years – mainly focusing on the residential sector in the tri-state area. In 1999, Harry started by aligning his investments with highly successful private REITs with portfolios ranging across all major markets in the United States.

In 2003, Harry Jeremias branched off on his own and created the Harch Group, carrying the focus of his real estate experience to the development side in the tri-state area. From 2003-2007, the first 4 years of Harry’s leadership, The Harch Group had a market capital value of over $1B in projects.

After 2008 with the economic downturn in the major real estate markets collapsing, Harch's portfolio suffered some setbacks. Under Harry’s management, none of the portfolio’s assets nor any of his deals liquidated by its lenders.

Due to Harry’s ability to successfully negotiate and work closely with lenders, vendors, investors during the distressed market conditions, The Harch Group repositioned and recapitalized the debt and equity side of its entire portfolio.

From 2009-2010 while market conditions remained wary due to the unstable real estate financing, Harch Group was able to acquire highly successful major projects and close on them with all equity and no debt.

Moving forward from 2010, Harry’s vision is to build upon his current portfolio with highly successful, income-producing, residential, commercial, and retail projects with an emphasis on value-added opportunities as well as ventures into major real estate markets beyond the tri-state areas as well as dedicating some of its investments with third party highly successful real estate firms and innovative real estate-related ventures.

Since 2003 Harry has leveraged his deep understanding of the intricacies of property asset and construction management with over 10 years of experience in the marketplace, applying it to the daily operations of The Harch Group’s portfolio to utilize the experience necessary in the high level, competitive marketplace required in the real estate market.