The Harch Group, formed in 2003, has expanded in recent years and continues to do so by aligning itself with successful private real estate families as well as joint venturing with sophisticated institutional funds within the real estate community.  

The Harch Group has been able to navigate through the recent stressful market conditions due to its ability to locate opportunities, reposition its distressed assets with its “value-added” experience.  Its enduring success in the most recent market rebound is due to The Harch Group’s ability to balance its portfolio with commercial, residential, and retail projects by successfully renegotiating and repositioning some of its own distressed projects, as well as with those of other developers. This energetic approach by its team handles the various tasks and responsibilities in running the company effectively and also professionally utilizes its relationship in the past decade with world-class architects, engineers, marketing firms, brokerage firms, and legal teams.

The goal and commitment is to provide the best possible service to long-term relationships with its partners and investors to effectively provide the best possible service to tenants, residents, and working with its vendors to deliver high-end innovative projects and five-star service, while keeping a responsible grasp on the cost of projects and operations. The Harch Group’s diverse portfolio not only includes past and present projects, but projects where Harch has successfully recapitalized or restructured other distressed developments for third parties. The ownership-management style and culture extends across the company and ensures satisfaction and success across the board.